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About CJL Engineering, Inc.



This page contains some samples of residential projects that CJL has done over the years. Please take a look to see what we can do for you!!


This page contains some samples of commercial projects that CJL has done over the years. Please take a look to see what we can do for you!!


This page contains some samples of industrial projects that CJL has done over the years. Please take a look to see what we can do for you!!


This page contains some samples of institutional projects that CJL has done over the years. Please take a look to see what we can do for you!!

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HVAC | Electrical | Plumbing | Fire Protection | Licensed in CT, NY and NJ

About CJL Engineering, Inc.


We started our business in 1987 with the immediate recognition that our clients wished for quality services with an economical price tag. Suitable price ranges play an important variable in creating a design, keeping a client happy. Your affordable construction costs are kept in mind at all times.


Company Procedures in Brief
Assignments are usually handled in the following manner:
     A. An initial meeting is scheduled in order to define a project scope, identify client
         needs and find alternative approaches.
     B. Only highly qualified professionals will service your account.
     C. The project will be completed, based upon your satisfaction.

Professional Liability
Our firm carries professional liability insurance at the highest levels.

Fee Structure
The fee structure for our engineering services is flexible. There is a clear project scope; a fixed fee can be applied. The fee can be based upon time and expenses that accrue. C.J.L. will also work with a client on an annual retainer. Expenses will be a separate portion of the total fee. Other types of fee structures can be discussed based on the circumstances of each project.  

Cost proposals can be completed based upon your request, once a clear project scope has been established. Estimating and pricing is a daily function here at C.J.L. Proposals can be written clearly and in a brief, detailed manner. Please call me if you are looking into a particular project or possible site visit (pre-bid meetings, etc.) For a new project, a cost proposal can be generated, based upon a conversation with you or the client to define the project scope of the work, which is to be undertaken.  

How Work is Done
C.J.L. Engineering is a computer driven firm; from technical writing, to analysis, to AUTOCAD. If a project needs to meet a critical deadline, the necessary resources are secured and overtime work will be authorized to achieve this objective. Specialized Mechanical, Electrical and Structural details can be provided on detailed drawings if exact requirements are essential.

Importance of Budget
This firm has extensive experience in the preparation of project budgets. This will be incorporated into the plans and specifications. An Engineering Cost Estimate will be performed on all jobs before final plans proceed to insure the client's budget will not be exceeded.  

The Growing Years:

Where you see CJL going.

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Team Bio:


personel bio picCarl Lubrico
President / Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
Additional courses:
                                 · Mini-Thesis
                                 · Car Exhaust Gas Absorption Air Conditioning Systems.

Associates in Applied Science in Mechanical Design Technology
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA.

Carl J. Lubrico has over thirty-two years of Mechanical Engineering practice in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential building services. He has experienced all facets in Mechanical Engineering, including Field Supervision and Construction Management in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.


Electrical Engineer

Occupational Objective:
To take total responsibility for electrical aspects of a project as an Electrical Engineer.

NY Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
City University of New York, New York City 1969

Having over forty years of experience in electrical engineering for the design of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Performs evaluations of electrical power and lighting for all types of buildings. Engineering of electrical distribution and control systems. Usage of National Electrical Codes and National Fire Protection Association and other codes. Check and review of shop drawings. Preparation of all electrical engineering calculations, working drawing. Inspection of the actual site of electrical conditions. Harmonics, variable speed drives, electrical motors sizing, motor efficiency and performance, electrical protection for motor operated equipment. Feeders, service calculations, outside branch circuits, various types of services, over current protection, grounding, surge arresters, Wiring Methods - Material, Wiring Methods - Design, Design of electrical systems and Protection, Equipment Design and Use, Motors and Motor Controls, Electrical power for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Transformers, Grounding, Services, Electrical distribution of Single-family and Multi-family dwellings and mobile homes, Industrial and commercial types of electrical distributions, Hazardous Locations, Swimming Pools and related types of electrical distributions, controllers, transfer switching, special electrical, cables, wiring and conduit, batteries, panels (circuit breakers, fuses), lighting, voice/data/computer, noise and harmonics, sizing of generators, reducing electrical cost, short circuits, switch gear, power factors, security and communications circuits, disconnect switches, electrical corrosion, over current protection, fiber optics, what to do for waterlogged electronics, electric heating/appliances, fire pump/fire alarm systems, maintenance of electrical equipment, elevators, solid-state devices, time switches devices, Motor starter switches, magnetic starters, control centers, commercial metering equipment, controllers for all types of equipment, door closing mechanisms, under floor duct systems, speed controllers, power conditioners, power factor capacitors, push bottom selectors, outlets, residential circuit breakers, residential load centers, residential metering (multiple), contactors, AutoCAD, lighting and power plans, riser diagrams fire alarm systems, designing of all electrical systems at the most cost effective solutions.

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